No time? No hose? No space? No worries.

QUIKREFRESH is the easiest, most convenient, at-home car wash, for when you want to keep your car clean, but you’re tight on space, or don’t have access to a hose.

QUIKREFRESH is also fast, so it’s perfect for when you’re on the go, but still want to keep your car clean and fresh from road grime.

Unlike traditional car wash solutions, QUIKREFRESH can be used in direct sunlight and won’t streak, so you can wash your car when you’re ready, and not when the sun is, whether your car is undercover or not.

And because QUIKREFRESH uses significantly less water compared to traditional washing methods, it’s an eco-friendly alternative that conserves water.

QUIKREFRESH lets you wash your car without the need for a pre or post rinse, in the space where your car is parked, using only a bucket of water and an Autoglym InstaDry Drying Cloth.

Plus, the banana fragrance makes it a joy to use!

QUIKREFRESH is a unique blend of microemulsion technology and micelle chemistry. Microemulsion lifts and suspends dirt particles, while unique surfactants form micelles that break open and release a lubricating oil that softens and encapsulates them.

Dirt is safely wiped away, without scratching, streaks or residue, for a squeaky-clean car.

The Science behind QUIKREFRESH

Watch this video to see the science behind QUIKREFRESH,
and how it works.

Real People. Real Results.

Don’t just take our word for it. See how YouTuber Chris Anderson uses QUIKREFRESH on his own car in this video review.

Hear from more QUIKREFRESH users:

Super Easy, & Less Water
Nice smell and highly effective in washing the car, making it look cleaner than my usual wash and wax, plus has the benefit of not having to rinse off – merely with micro fibre towel wipe dry.

Richard J


Great product, good results simple to use
I’ve been using Autoglym products for a good while now and have always been impressed by the results, this product like other Autoglym products has impressed me and was easy to use.

Luke C


So quick and easy, great finish
I gave this wash a try a few months ago, and since used it a few times. Perfect for in between washes and a good weekly wash. Makes it so quick and easy, and I loved the finish. I was sceptical so ran over the bonnet with a high powered light and didn’t see any swirling. Impressed!

Rhys H


Great easy to use product!
Perfect solution for those with limited time or space. Makes light work on your daily drive, as long as its not too dirty or contaminated



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